Make a Claim: City of Newcastle Vehicles

Before you submit your claim

  • This form is to be used when claiming for motor vehicle damage allegedly caused by a City of Newcastle vehicle.
  • For claims relating to damage caused by a pothole, please complete the Potholes claim form.
  • For all other claims for injury, loss or damage, please complete the Public Liability claim form.
  • If you have insurance, we recommend that you contact your insurer first. If you do not have insurance, you can still lodge a claim with City of Newcastle.

Gather your documents

These might include:

  • Photos
  • Any other relevant reports or documents

Eligibility for compensation

  • Consider whether you are eligible for compensation; you may wish to seek legal advice.
  • You need to be the owner of the vehicle to submit a claim for compensation. You can nominate someone to act on your behalf in the 'Authority for an agent to act' section of the form.
  • Accepting your Claim form does not mean we accept liability for the Claim.
  • We will investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident to establish our legal responsibility in this matter.

After you submit your claim

Once you have submitted your claim:

  • You will receive an email acknowledging we have received your claim.
  • Motor vehicle claims may be managed by our insurer, Zurich Australia Insurance Limited. We will advise you if this is the case once your claim has been submitted.
  • Zurich Australia may need to contact you if they need more information.
  • Your claim will be assessed on a Without Prejudice basis.
  • We will let you know the outcome of your claim in writing.

The time it takes to assess a claim can vary due to the complexity and the information you provide. We will try our best to complete all claims assessments as quickly as possible.

Personal details
Please note that we will email all correspondence to ensure you have copies in writing.
Details of claim
Provide as much detail as possible including contributing factors, e.g. weather, speed.
Be as specific as possible, for example, '7.30am' 'approximately 7am' or 'between 7am and 8am'
Please provide address and/or description of location. Provide as much detail as possible.
Please include a breakdown of costs.
Supporting Documentation
If you need to supply more than 6 documents, you can email
Authority for an Agent to Act
If you wish for a third party to act on your behalf, this section must be completed.
Completion and acceptance of this form (including completion of the Authority for an Agent to Act) does not represent an admission of liability on the part of CN and/or our insurers. Your claim for compensation will be subject to investigation and assessed on its own merits

Privacy Statement

City of Newcastle is committed to protecting your privacy. We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and our Privacy Management Plan, regarding collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information.

Purpose of collection: We will use your personal information to process your claim.

Intended recipients: Authorised City of Newcastle officers, contractors, or agents.

Supply: Voluntary

Consequence of non-provision: We may not be able to process your claim.

Storage and security: Information will be stored in our electronic databases and will only be available to authorised City of Newcastle officers, contractors or agents.

Access: Your information can be checked for accuracy by calling us on (02) 4974 2000.