Principal Certifier, Building Inspections and Occupation Certificates

To appoint a Principal Certifier (PC) and apply for post consent certificates (such as a Construction Certificate, Occupation Certificate or Subdivision Certificate), you must submit an application through the NSW Planning Portal.

If you want City of Newcastle (CN) to complete these tasks, you need to apply for each 'Post Consent Certificate' by selecting the certificate type and nominating 'Newcastle City Council'. Once submitted, we will check your application and contact you for payment.

Visit our Lodging an Application webpage for more information or call our Contact Centre on (02) 4974 2000 to enquire about fees.

Notice of Commencement

At least two days prior to any building or subdivision works commencing, you must notify CN via the NSW Planning Portal. To arrange this, open the 'PC Appointment' application and select 'Intention to commence works' from the 'Actions' menu.

If you have appointed CN as your PC, you will be issued with a Contract for the engagement which you will need to sign and return to CN before any works can commence. The contract will outline which inspections are required for the development. You will need to book your inspections and submit all required mandatory data a minimum of one day before you want the inspection.

Principal Certifiers
Building Inspections
Occupation Certificates