Making a Submission

Community participation in the application process can result in better community outcomes.

Before making a submission, it is important to view the Development Application (DA) information provided on the Application Tracker and read the below information.

How to make a submission?

To lodge a submission, complete the following online Submission Form by 5pm on the nominated notification closing date for submissions:

Submission Online Form

Alternatively, submissions can be posted to 12 Stewart Avenue Newcastle NSW 2300 or hand delivered to our Customer Service Centre. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for delivery by the notification closing date.

In accordance with City of Newcastle's (CN's) Community Participation Plan (CPP), a valid submission must:

  1. Include the DA number and property address

    This information appears at the top of the notification letter.

  2. Include your name, residential address and contact details

    This will also assist the assessment officer should any clarification be required.

  3. Be received within the notification period

    This date can be found on the Application Tracker or notification letter.

  4. Disclose any political donations/gifts made

    See the FAQs below to learn more.

In the body of your submission, please clearly state the reason/s as to why you object or support the development. Important points can be highlighted using dot points and/or headings. See the below FAQs to learn more about the relevant matters to include.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What matters should I include in my submission?
Do I need to disclose any political donations/gifts made?
Is my submission confidential?
What happens when City of Newcastle (CN) receives my submission?
Can I make a submission after the closing date?
How are DAs notified?
Why wasn't I notified about a development?