Planning Alerts

A third party provider, Planning Alerts provides a service that you can subscribe to and be notified of any Development Applications that are lodged within the nominated area. Information on how to subscribe can be found on the Planning Alerts webpage.

Please note that while City of Newcaste's (CN) database has been configured to assist in the operation of Planning Alerts, this system operates independently of CN.

t is recommended that comments you may wish to make on an application be lodged via For more information on how to make a submission on an application on exhibition please review the information located on our Applications on Exhibition page.

Not all applications will be placed on exhibition. The notification/exhibition process for development applications is outlined in CN's Community Participation Plan (CPP).

In accordance with the CPP, notification periods are extended to allow for the holiday period.

The exhibition process for applications may include one or more of the following activities: placement of notices on CN's Public Notices page, the written notification of residents and owners of potentially effected properties, and the placement of signs on properties where the development is to occur.

If you would like to be kept informed of all development applications in your local area, please access the Planning Alerts page.