A strategic and collaborative approach to advocacy for the city and region is crucial to ensuring that Newcastle is properly recognised in policy and funding decisions by State and Federal Governments. Advocacy demonstrated by the City Taskforce in response to the COVID-19 economic crisis provides a solid foundation from which to build. Advocacy was united across the city, looked to provide local stories of both impact and how we were contributing, and offered a partnership approach to enable change.

Local Government has an important leadership role to play. We are connected to our communities, connected to local experts and stakeholders, and are seeking to make a significant and positive difference for our local residents. Our advocacy is driven by three main objectives:

  • Growth - To improve the liveability and attraction of Newcastle through targeted Government investments.
  • Equity - To ensure Newcastle receives equity in State and Federal Government decision-making based on population size and economic contribution.
  • Accountability - To keep the State and Federal Government to account for their existing investment commitments in Newcastle and drive local opportunities wherever possible.

Strategic Advocacy in the Economic Development Strategy

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