Business Improvement Associations

Business Improvement Associations are an avenue for local business people to come together to develop local strategies and manage funded projects aimed at promoting their local business precincts.

There are four identified precincts within the Newcastle Local Government Area that have had Business Improvement Associations established (City Centre, Hamilton, Mayfield and Wallsend). They are independent not-for-profit organisations, that through a Service Agreement with the City of Newcastle, are responsible for the disbursement of up to $100,000 annually for the purposes of:

  • Identifying and developing strategic directions for the promotion of local businesses
  • Managing local marketing and promotion initiatives
  • Prioritising and managing beautification projects
  • Coordinating and promoting community events and activities aimed at encouraging local business demand

Each Business Improvement Association operates under its own independent Deliverables Plan which includes targeted projects for its precinct. However the five Associations also unite to work on initiatives that have a city-wide focus.

Annual Reports

For more information on your local Business Improvement Association, including how to get involved, please email: