Flood Certificates

It is not possible to conclude if a particular property may flood in the future by only considering past flooding. For example, it is estimated less than half of the 22,000 potentially flood affected properties in the Newcastle LGA were actually affected by flooding in the June 2007 flood event. In some cases, properties not affected by the June 2007 flood were affected by the April 1988 flood event.

Instead City of Newcastle (CN) uses computer calculations using established scientific principles to map the full range of potential floods across the LGA, from small (and relatively likely) floods to extremely large floods (and relatively unlikely) which would be much larger than what has been recorded since European settlement.

Flood Information Certificates

Flood Information Certificates show summarised information about flooding for individual properties, most often based on the computer calculations and mapping carried out by CN. Information to assist in preparing Development Applications is given on the Certificates where available. You can download an application form from the DA Forms page.

Flood information

CN will only supply flood information in writing. We will not give verbal flood information about a property over the phone. We do not have flood maps available for individual properties that can be downloaded from our web site.

The insurance industry uses its own estimates of flood risk and its own definitions for flooding, which may differ when compared with CN’s information. CN has not supplied its flood information to private insurance companies. Some of the these companies have written to us advising that they use their own information, and advising CN that some of their customers may wish to individually obtain CN’s flood information for their property.