Accelerated Development Applications

Accelerated Development Applications (ADA) are an initiative of City of Newcastle (CN) to facilitate efficient processing of well-prepared, low-risk development types. ADAs are facilitated through the submission of an Accelerated Lodgement Ready request (ALR).

The ALR request service is provided free of charge and involves a preliminary review of your proposed development prior to lodgement in the NSW Planning Portal. Once reviewed and deemed satisfactory, your lodgement ready application will be eligible for an accelerated assessment, generally receiving your determination within 15 days.

Eligible Development Types

The following development types may be considered via an ALR request. Select the relevant development type for further detail on development criteria and lodgement requirements.

How to submit an application for review

  1. Complete the ADA checklist for your development type. Note: if you answer YES to any of the criteria your application cannot be considered as an ADA.
  2. Complete the Statement of Environmental Effects template.
  3. Prepare documentation as outlined in Documents Required for Lodgement for Accelerated Development Applications.
  4. Email all documentation refered to in items 1, 2 and 3 above to

Only one ALR request is permissable per proposed ADA. CN will not review amendments made to previously considered ALR requests.

You may wish to seek a further review of a proposed development via a Pre-DA meeting. This is an at fee service. Any development application lodged following a Pre-DA will progress through the standard development assessment process and standard assessment timeframes will apply.

What happens following a review?

Following CN's review, you will receive an ALR review letter that will confirm if your proposed development:

  • is satisfactory and ready for lodgement as an ADA,
  • is not eligible for CN's ADA service, or
  • requires further changes.

Further information on how to proceed will be included in your ALR review letter.

Further Questions

If you have further questions on our ALR process, please contact CN's Duty Officer by telephone on (02) 4974 2000 or by email at