Summerhill Waste Management Centre

Summerhill Waste Management Centre is a solid waste landfill managed by City of Newcastle. The site is licensed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to receive a wide variety of 'General Solid Waste (Putrescible and Non-putrescible) and Special Waste'. Please refer to Part 1 of the NSW EPA (2014) Waste Classification Guidelines for the definition of acceptable waste types.

Please note: Special Wastes and/or waste deemed offensive / difficult have specific disposal requirements. Please refer to the individual fact sheets for further information.

Our waste collection vehicles bring Newcastle household general waste and green waste to Summerhill. The general waste is securely disposed of in a lined landfill. The green waste is processed, in a separate area on-site, into mulch. This mulch is then used for landscaping and rehabilitation works off-site. (Please note: Newcastle household recycling bins are serviced by a contractor and delivered to an offsite recycling processor).

We are committed to providing waste minimisation and recycling solutions to the community and ensuring the long term sustainability of our waste management operations. A fee structure is in place at Summerhill to encourage visitors to separate their wastes into the various sorting bays at the Small Vehicle Receival Centre, helping us to recover a wide range of items — including building materials, green waste, whitegoods and electrical waste — for reuse or recycling into new products.

Several on-site safety procedures, such as wearing enclosed footwear and ensuring children and pets stay inside vehicles, are in place for everyone’s protection and must be adhered to at all times.