Which is the best beach to visit today?

Safety rating for swimmers

Condition rating for surfers

  • 1 = FLAT: Unsurfable or flat conditions. No surf.
  • 2 = VERY POOR: Due to lack of surf, very poor wave shape for surfing, bad surf due to other conditions like wind, tides, or very stormy surf.
  • 3 = POOR: Poor surf with some (30%) FAIR waves to ride.
  • 4 = POOR to FAIR: Generally poor surf many (50%) FAIR waves to ride.
  • 5 = FAIR: Very average surf with most (70%) waves rideable.
  • 6 = FAIR to GOOD: Fair surf with some (30%) GOOD waves.
  • 7 = GOOD: Generally fair surf with many (50%) GOOD waves.
  • 8 = VERY GOOD: Generally good surf with most (70%) GOOD waves.
  • 9 = GOOD to EPIC: Very good surf with many (50%) EPIC waves.
  • 10 = EPIC: Incredible surf with most (70%) waves being EPIC to ride and generally some of the best surf all year.

Uncrowded | Moderately busy | Crowded


You will find that there are public amenities, shade shelters, parking, access for people with a disability, picnic areas, BBQ's and kiosks all along the stretch of Newcastle's pristine beaches.
Nobbys Beach and Newcastle Ocean Baths offer on-site lockers for beach users in order to keep personal belongings safe. It is recommended that you bring a combination lock with you in order to secure your locker and not require a key.


  • Dixon Park Beach and Stockton Beach change rooms are only opened seasonally
  • Facilities and amenities, such as rest rooms and change rooms, along the stretch of Newcastle beaches are NOT accessible until 5.30am each day. This ensures our cleaners have adequate time to complete daily scheduled cleaning

Beach locations

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Beach safety tips

  • Always swim and surf at places patrolled by lifeguards or lifesavers
  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags. No flags = no swim
  • Never swim alone
  • Before entering the water, check the conditions
  • If unsure, ask a lifeguard for help
  • Look for the safety signs, they will tell you what to look out for
  • If you get in trouble in the water, stay calm, try to float, put your hand up and yell for help