Development Types

Most developments are either Exempt Development, Complying Development or Local Development.

Exempt or complying development is required to meet the prerequisite legislation. You or an accredited certifier must determine if your proposal meets either of these requirements.

The State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) – Exempt and Complying Development Code 2008 was gazetted on 12 December 2008, and commenced operation on 27 February 2009. Newcastle's Local Environment Plan 2020 (LEP) also maintains some exempt and complying development standards.

If you believe your development meets the exempt category, there is no need to advise CN. It is advisable you document how you have reached this decision for future reference. If unsure about whether your development is classified as exempt development clarification should be sought from CN staff or an appropriate professional person. Penalties may apply to development which is mistakenly carried out as exempt development. Read further information on Exempt Development.

If you believe your development meets the requirements for complying development, lodge a Complying Development Certificate application with CN or an accredited certifier. Further information on Complying Development.

If your proposal is not exempt development or complying development, you may need to lodge a Development Application.

For further information please phone CN's Contact Centre on (02) 4974 2000.