New Move

New Move was an economic development program designed to accentuate COVID-19 migration trends by attracting talent to Newcastle as a vehicle to inject stimulus into the local economy. Recipients received $10,000 for relocating to Newcastle, which could be used exclusively at local businesses, as well as access to a free co-working space and a community program to help integrate into the local ecosystem.

The New Move program was delivered in three phases:

  1. Awareness – a digital campaign "10,000 reasons to move to Newcastle" (7.5 million impressions).
  2. Engagement – 500+ people expressed an interest to move to Newcastle, with 200+ attending a weekend long orientation to the city that enabled talent to experience our community, innovativeness, and lifestyle.
  3. Action – 65 people submitted a pitch video about the contribution they could bring to the city, of which, 30 were chosen as the "New Move cohort".

All New Movers have relocated to Newcastle, with many purchasing commercial property and employing local residents. The full economic contribution will be measured over the longer-term. New Move raises awareness and resets the perception of Newcastle showcasing the city as an economic hub driven by innovation and skills, supported by a vibrant and eclectic culture, with modern infrastructure.

New Move Recipients 

Juan Pablo Alvarez

Sophie Benjamin

Alexandra Blanch

Kate Brettell

Joel de Carteret

Shane Darwin

Evin Donohoe

Jamin Early

Oyem Ebinum

Yvette Elliott

Rafa Godoy

Buzzby Gray

Justin Hourn

Kevin Jackson

Natalie Jacobs

Maria Jose Sanchez

Bevis Masson-Leach

Annette Lin

Andrew Van Der Merwe

Catalina Millan

Virginia Morris

Annette Rudd

Nicole Shelley

Anna Suraev

Jacqui Synnott

Benjamin Tonnot

Majed Traboulsi

Jenny Vaccari

Lynne Wallwork

Matthew Webb