Pet Essentials

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Pets depend on their owners to keep them and the community safe by being responsible.

Find out more about responsible pet ownership.

Benefits of registration

Registering your pet clearly identifies the animal as yours. If your pet becomes lost, we will be able to notify you of your animal's whereabouts if it is found.

Registration fees are used to provide services such as:

  • Public education about responsible pet ownership
  • Maintenance of leash free areas
  • Community microchipping days

Four steps to Lifetime Registration

Register your pet for life, it’s easy, cost effective and the best way to keep your pet safe, for always. Here's how:

  1. Microchip your pet
  2. Keep your details up to date
  3. Desex your pet
  4. Register your pet online through:

Microchip your pet
Desex your pet
Register your pet
Registration assistance
Owning a dog
Owning a cat
Deceased pet