Climate Action

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We are in a critical decade for action on climate change, and cities are at the forefront of responding to a changing climate and the systematic shocks that will be faced in the future.

City of Newcastle is committed to leading the community to take collective action, and overcome the challenges of a climate emergency.

Newcastle climate action plan

Our Newcastle Climate Action Plan (2021-2025) sets the roadmap for achieving emission reduction both within the City of Newcastle operations, and across the broader community.

Our commitment to sustainability

By no later than 2030, City of Newcastle will reach Net Zero Emissions for its operations.

By 2025 City of Newcastle will aim for:

  • A 20% reduction in electricity use, based on FY2019/20 consumption
  • 100% of all installed lighting to be LED or best practice equivalent
  • A 50% reduction in liquid fuel use, based on FY2019/20 consumption
  • A 50% reduction in carbon emissions for Operations.

We’re using and demonstrating new and emerging technologies and policies to lead the way for the Newcastle community to improve sustainability in their own operations. We have a commitment to innovation and using technology to solve environmental issues in our local community.

Our Net Zero Emissions Pathway is based on scientific research and previous achievements, so that it is detailed and achievable and also in line with the urgent action recommended by scientists.

Many City of Newcastle facilities and operations cause greenhouse gas emissions, but achieving net zero emissions is both technologically and economically feasible. It will take a sustained, strategic approach to ensure that emissions are reduced collectively, without increasing our ecological footprint in other areas.

Pathway to Net Zero Operational Emissions

We are also committed to contributing towards achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have adopted the SDGs and New Urban Agenda as cornerstones for our planning. Read more about our Commitment to Sustainability.

For further information on the Climate Action initiatives please contact us.

Community emission reduction
Towards a net zero emissions city