Bulk Waste Service

Our kerbside bulk waste service has a current wait time of four to six weeks. If you need to dispose of your bulk waste sooner, please consider using our self-haul option to drop your items off at Summerhill.

If you would like to swap an existing kerbside collection booking for a self-haul voucher, please contact us on 4974 2000 or waste@ncc.nsw.gov.au

Our on-demand bulk waste service helps you dispose of items too big for your kerbside bins, such as mattresses, old furniture and broken appliances.

The service is provided at your request—rather than a scheduled neighbourhood collection—so you can get rid of your bulky wastes when it suits you.

You can request two services within any rolling 12-month period. Up to two cubic metres of bulk waste is accepted per service.

Bookings are essential. Conditions and waiting periods apply.

Choose an option that suits you

  1. Kerbside pick-up: Have your bulk waste collected from the kerb.
  2. Self-haul voucher: Take your bulk waste to Summerhill Waste Management Centre. This option helps you to quickly dispose of a wider range of items than permitted through the kerbside pick-up.

To use either of these services, please complete our bulk waste service request form or phone 02 4974 2000.

Please note: You can only arrange a bulk waste service if you live at the property. Special conditions apply for kerbside pick-ups if you live in a multi-unit dwelling or social housing; please see our service overview below.

Bulk waste service overview

Who can book a service?
How many services can I have?
What can I dispose of?
How much is two cubic metres?
How long do I have to wait for a service?
Fridges, freezers and refrigerant air-conditioners
Before requesting a service