Economic Development Strategy


The City of Newcastle endorsed a new Economic Development Strategy 2021 and supporting Action Plan at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 25 May 2021.

The City of Newcastle’s Economic Development Strategy offers a transformative perspective to economic development with a deliberate people-centred and place-led approach. Informed by the Hunter Regional Plan 2036, the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan, and the Gateway Cities Report, our view is that the success of our local and regional economy is built on the talent, skills and ingenuity of our people. These skills lead to innovation, creativity and ultimately the formation of new jobs and investment. Our Strategy seeks to build a skilled and innovative community supported by key city infrastructure and enhanced by a vibrant lifestyle.

  • Our Vision - Strengthen existing and create new economic opportunities for all in the 2020s
  • Our Mission - Empower, retain and attract people with skills for the future
  • Horizon - The Strategy targets ten-year outcomes for the Newcastle economy. These outcomes will be achieved through four-year delivery programs and one-year action plans.
  • Review - The Strategy will be refreshed every four years (next in 2025). Action plans will be updated annually.
  • Governance - The delivery programs and actions will be reported annually to CN's Strategy & Innovation Advisory Committee, who provide an important advisory role to the implementation of the Strategy.
  • Our Priorities - Our detailed and evidence-driven approach has led to four priorities being identified in this Strategy - Skilled People, Innovative People, City Shaping and Vibrant City. Two priorities focus on investing in people and ensuring that the population of Newcastle is skilled and innovative. The other two priorities focus on enhancing the foundations of our city, which enable people to create their own opportunities in Newcastle. For each priority there are a number of four-year delivery programs, and then a suite of clear, timely and measurable actions that the City of Newcastle and partners will implement.