Cemeteries-Applications for Monumental Works

  • All monumental works carried out in the City of Newcastle (Council) managed cemeteries are subject to prior approval by Council. Works cannot commence until Council provides a written notice of approval; the payment of any fee does not constitute an approval.
  • On receipt of this Application, a check is made to ensure construction will be in accordance with the Australian Standard, AS 4020-1994 (Headstones and Cemetery Monuments) and the City of Newcastle’s Requirements for the Construction of Monuments as a minimum. Application is to include plans, materials and inscription details showing monument meets such requirements.
  • No approval will be granted for placement of monumental work on graves less than three months old. Graves and monuments older than 50 years may be subject to the Heritage Act. It is the responsibly of the Company and Grantee / Applicant to ensure proposed works is consistent with the requirement of the Act.

Please contact cemeteries@ncc.nsw.gov.au for more information.