Roads-Shipping Container Permit

Where there is limited available land at properties for building and/or renovation works, owners may apply to occupy part of the road for the placement of a shipping container for the short term storage of construction materials, in accordance with the Roads Act 1993, Section 138.

Standard conditions to place a shipping container on a Public Road

  1. The applicant must undertake the whole risk of carrying out the works and shall hold Council indemnified against any claims arising out of damage or injury to property or persons during the works. In this regard the applicant is to have Public Liability Insurance for a sum of at least ten million dollars ($10,000,000), endorsed for cross liability and registering Council as having a co-insured interest.
  2. There must be no obstruction or hindering of the passage of pedestrians or vehicles. The container is to be located adjacent to the kerb in an area which is not subject to parking restrictions or otherwise agreed by Council. The container must be protected by barriers at the front and rear and must be fitted with retro-reflective bands or lit at night.
  3. The applicant must consult neighbouring residents on the proposal. A copy of the notification is to be submitted to Council for information; and
  4. A copy of the approval is to be held at the premises and made available to Council officers upon request.


Current fees are listed in the application form. For full details please see City of Newcastle's Fees and Charges Register.

How to apply

The application form must be submitted at least 5 business days before the permit is required. Complete the application form available on this webpage and submit to

What happens next


The application is assigned to a traffic engineer for assessment. They will determine the conditions of the permit and applicable fees or contact you if further information is required. An application is given a 4-digit permit reference number and assigned to a traffic engineer for assessment. They will confirm the conditions of the permit and the applicable fees.


A request for payment will then be issued. Payment is made online via Bpoint. Please ensure you keep a copy of the payment receipt for your records. The Traffic Team will automatically receive a copy of your payment receipt from Bpoint.


Once proof of payment is received your permit will be issued. A copy of the permit must be made available at any time for CN Officer/Ranger perusal, or penalties may apply.


If you need to amend the permit in any way (for example, a date change or extension) you must notify