A smarter way to park by the beach

09 Nov 2021

Finding a park near the city's beaches and baths will soon become easier thanks to smart technology that will allow drivers to view available spaces before leaving the house.

City of Newcastle Interim Director Strategy and Engagement Kathleen Hyland said smart sensors have been installed at almost 800 car parks as part of a plan to make better use of smart parking technology.

"Newcastle is home to amazing beaches, which are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike and we want to make accessing them easier through the use of smart parking technology," Ms Hyland said.

"By installing smart parking sensors, we'll be able to provide real time data to the Easypark and City of Newcastle apps to allow motorists to use their smartphone and determine the best location to drive and find a park ahead of their visit to our beaches and baths."

Smart parking sensors have recently been installed along Scenic Drive, Henderson Drive, Merewether Baths, Merewether Beach, Dixon Park, Bar Beach, Strzelecki Lookout and Newcastle Baths and will be integrated to the Easypark and City of Newcastle apps in the coming months. Smart parking sensors have been trialled at Strzelecki Lookout since 2017.

This approach is in line with City of Newcastle's Parking Plan and builds upon multiple pieces of smart city infrastructure, leveraging investment in a sensor network, data platforms and apps, which help the community make informed decisions and navigate the city.

Elsewhere in Newcastle, a new car park on Wharf Road across from Scratchleys has recently been completed, which increases the existing car park from 42 to 73 spaces and nine new motorcycle spaces.