City answers parking call from Darby St traders

07 Oct 2019

City of Newcastle has answered a call from businesses to extend the existing one-hour limits on Darby Street, giving customers more time to both enjoy a meal and retail therapy on the popular strip.

The new two-hour, unmetered, parking limits will be introduced between Bull and Queen streets this week, operating from Monday-Saturday, 9am-7pm.

A four-hour, unmetered, parking limit will also be introduced on Sundays between 9am and 4pm to encourage more parking turnover on the traditionally quieter day, which wasn’t previously subject to time restrictions.

Makers and Traders of Newcastle City representative Tim McPhee said local businesses welcomed the new arrangements and the City’s response to their concerns.

“The Darby Street business community went to Council and asked for help with the time limits for parking - to be extended from one to two hours and also to make it consistent,” Mr McPhee said.

“City of Newcastle have been fantastic and worked closely with us to make sure it is easier for visitors to spend more time exploring the ever-many wonderful stores and eating places on Darby Street.”

City of Newcastle Governance Director David Clarke said the changes, which were being implemented in response to traders’ requests, will also benefit those visiting the popular shopping and dining precinct.

“We consulted with businesses in the area to develop this plan to streamline parking zones, responding to traders’ preference for a two-hour parking limit,” Mr Clarke said.

“Darby Street is an icon of the City’s retail and hospitality economy, so it’s important that we get the balance right in a rapidly changing City environment.

“We believe these revised parking arrangements will be welcomed by both consumers and businesses. Shoppers and diners can enjoy the strip’s relaxing, social atmosphere for longer while providing businesses with the opportunity to benefit from their increased stay.”

In addition to the timed parking changes, existing motorcycle parking will be moved clear of café outdoor dining areas to a quieter location further south, with future additional spaces under consideration for Council Street.