City deliver on promise to community by investing millions in Priority Projects

19 Jan 2021

Novocastrians are encouraged to ‘go out and enjoy their city by grabbing it with both hands’ in the tagline for City of Newcastle’s latest Priority Projects campaign.

The campaign features four Priority Projects initiatives including City Centre Revitalisation, Blackbutt Reserve, Cycleways, and Coastal Revitalisation projects.

Priority Projects in 2021 have been identified as a result of extensive community consultation and the significant investment will benefit residents, businesses and visitors to Newcastle.

Building on the success of previous campaigns, the 2021 campaign features engaging videos that place the audience in amongst the action by using a first-person point of view.

The campaign features a 30-second television commercial (TVC) running until 31 January 2021, an overarching video for social media and website, and four project specific videos. Each of the project videos can be found on City of Newcastle's Priority Projects webpage or via the following:

Footpath decals have also been placed in strategic locations within each Priority Projects area with a QR code linking back to the TVC. To find out more, visit City of Newcastle's Priority Projects webpage.