City invites community input to imagine ‘a place for everyone’

10 Jun 2021

City of Newcastle is inviting the community to identify the barriers to social inclusion as it develops a new Social Strategy that will provide the foundations for a range of planning decisions to make Newcastle a more liveable and inclusive community.

Over the next three-months, the City will host community engagement activities such as workshops, community events, festivals and forums to ensure Novocastrians have multiple opportunities to share their voices and help shape the new Strategy.

The new Strategy will outline a vision and guiding principles for an inclusive Newcastle along with the role that City of Newcastle and its partners can take to lead and empower connected and liveable communities, with emphasis on vulnerable community members.

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said City of Newcastle is committed to making the city a more liveable and inclusive community for all Novocastrians to thrive in, by increasing social inclusion and creating more opportunities for community connection.

“As the region grows, challenges such as affordable housing, youth unemployment, and an ageing population emerging, we want to make sure that everyone feels able to grow with it and are acknowledged as integral members of our vibrant community. An inclusive community reduces the social and economic cost of mental health and wellbeing as well as being an important determinant of better educational outcomes for our children," Cr Nelmes said.

“City of Newcastle values the contributions made by all people and believes that diversity strengthens the city. Through targeted services, programs and facilities we can provide all Novocastrians with equal opportunities to reach their full potential and take an active part in our community to the betterment of the city.”

Newcastle Councillor Carol Duncan said the new Social Strategy is about treating all people with respect.

“Newcastle has changed a lot over the years and continues to undergo significant change and growth. Today, our city is more diverse than ever, with people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, beliefs, socio-economic status, gender and sexual orientation, and disabilities,” Cr Duncan said.

“The City recognises the dignity and worth of all people by treating communities fairly and equitably. The new Social Strategy will outline a framework for treating all Novocastrians with respect, to eliminate discrimination and disadvantage amongst our community.

“Hearing from a diverse cross-section of our community is critical to ensuring the Social Strategy reflects everyone, so the planning decisions we make support all Novocastrians. “Individually, we may be very different but, together, we can all call Newcastle home.”

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