City of Newcastle trials new technology to improve parking and safety

22 Nov 2023

Innovative new technology is being trialled by City of Newcastle (CN) to help improve parking management and safety across the Local Government Area.

Licence plate recognition technology mounted to the roof of an electronic vehicle (EV) will assist CN parking officers detect vehicles that exceed timed parking restrictions or that are parked illegally.

With more than 6,500 customer requests received by CN each year relating to parking issues, the new technology will supplement foot patrols to improve the efficiency of parking compliance and enable staff to focus on other educational based activities.

In line with neighbouring councils in the Hunter, tickets generated will now be issued by Revenue NSW via Australia Post to the registered vehicle owner, rather than attached to windscreens by parking officers.

The new technology and streamlined process will play an important role in supporting safe parking and enforcement across Newcastle.

City of Newcastle parking officers are reporting an increasing number of incidents of aggressive and inappropriate behaviour from members of the public while undertaking their work on Newcastle streets. These new measures will help provide a safer working environment for staff.

Local business precincts are also set to benefit with improved short-term parking turnover and making parking more readily available for the community.

Neighbouring councils in the region have already rolled out similar technology and CN is trialling this technology with an EV car.

City of Newcastle's 'On the street' Parking Plan 2021 and associated Parking Implementation Plan 2021 highlight the need to support enforcement activities currently undertaken by CN parking officers.

United Services Union (USU) Official Luke Hutchinson welcomed the trial for the safety and wellbeing of CN parking officers.

"This technology will provide improved workplace conditions for parking officers by decreasing their interaction with members of the public and better enabling them to carry out their work safely, in all weather conditions," Mr Hutchinson said.

"City of Newcastle has the USU's full support in taking action to address the challenges parking officers face in the workplace and look forward to the outcomes of the trial.

"The USU calls on all members of the community to treat all workers with respect especially when they are endeavouring to provide equitable access to the city for everyone."

For more information visit City of Newcastle's parking webpage.