City supports live music and creative industries by raising resident awareness of vibrant night-time

10 Feb 2021

Planning certificates provided by the City of Newcastle to people considering buying a property will now include reference to strategies supporting live music and the night time economy.

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the new planning certificate notification informs prospective property purchasers that Newcastle supports live-music and advises that the City has a vibrant night time economy.

“This is a key action from our After Dark and Live Music strategies to support our local live music and creative industries while raising awareness among residents,” The Lord Mayor said.

“Newcastle boasts almost 100 live music venues, with many operating in mixed uses areas with residential neighbours.

“Placing information about live music and night time activities on planning certificates will assist in managing the expectations of those who move into the city and are surprised by the levels of background noise.”

City of Newcastle Councillor Carol Duncan said the addition of a planning certificate notice demonstrates a strong commitment to developing an activated and vibrant City.

“This initiative recognises that Newcastle is increasingly a creative and global city that must be shared by its residents in order for our night time economy to be strong, which in turn makes the city safer and economically stronger” Cr Duncan said.

“The new notification provides greater transparency for purchasers on the importance and significance City of Newcastle gives to our live music and creative industries.

“The new notification supports a vibrant City with a growing night time economy by acknowledging that noise can be experienced from live music venues and events.

“While the right of residents to not be unduly impacted by noise late at night remains in place, this is a way we can support Newcastle’s rich creative scene which is a major contributor to our local economy.

“A truly thriving and diverse night time economy will play a part of the city’s growth and success moving forward.”

City of Newcastle’s Live Music Strategy (2019) and Newcastle After Dark: Night Time Economy Strategy (2018) were unanimously supported by Council and support live music and the night-time economy which play a key role in accommodation, events, cultural and business uses in the City Centre and Town Centres.