City to make final checks on skate park design

24 Oct 2018

City of Newcastle will review and finalise a coastal engineering report to ensure a skate bowl proposed for South Newcastle Beach doesn't negatively impact the coastal environment and natural sand renourishment processes.

Following deliberation at Tuesday's October Council meeting, a plan for broader community consultation will also be developed before the project goes ahead.

Updated render of the project.

"At this stage the City of Newcastle is comfortable with the data that has informed the engineering reports on this fantastic project to activate a long-dormant part of our coastline," the Lord Mayor said.

"Throughout the delivery of coastal renewal and our iconic Bathers Way project, at each stage we have listened to concerns, raised similarly to those about South Newcastle, and we want to make sure they're addressed before we move ahead."

The bowl and skate plaza are part of the Newcastle Beach Infrastructure Renewal Project to transform the public domain between Newcastle Surf Life Saving Club and King Edward Park.

Updated render.

The project will reactivate the stretch of coast by widening the Bathers Way to between four and six metres and extending the shared path to ultimately connect King Edward Park and Nobbys.

The project involves renewal of severely deteriorated coastal infrastructure, including stairs, ramps, retaining walls and beach access, and will provide:

  • new community assets including an accessible skate park and bowl modern kiosk and amenities
  • an outdoor gym
  • tiered seating and shade shelters

The coastal engineering report was prepared during the initial stages of design for South Newcastle to determine the level of risk involved in placing infrastructure east of the existing seawall.

It considered the impacts on sand and wave movement, compounding impacts of coastal processes on adjoining infrastructure, the maximum foreseeable water level and wave impact forces.

The report used wave data collected over 25 years and included storm surge factors, tides, wave run-up and predicted sea-level rise in its assessment.

This was then used to determine the structural design required to withstand wave impact in severe weather events, as well as the final shape to minimise impacts on the beach, maximise safety, amenity and structural integrity, and minimise maintenance.

The collection of water and sand in the bowl during severe weather events was accounted for through appropriate drainage in the design.

The City will work with the skate boarding community, as we have done at Empire Park for many years, to ensure that the facilities remain safe for all to enjoy.

Visit the Newcastle Beach infrastructure renewal project webpage for more information and project updates.