Community tree planting greens city

06 Jun 2021

The community has joined with City of Newcastle in celebration of World Environment Day by planting 5,500 native grasses, groundcovers, shrubs and trees in Jesmond this week to restore Newcastle’s urban ecosystems.

The 2021 United Nations World Environment Day’s theme of ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ has been acknowledged with community activities planned to enhance Newcastle’s urban forest.

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said connecting with local school students and residents to plant a tree and learn about nature was a special way to mark the global event.

“Locals have volunteered their time and effort to create a pocket of habitat for local birds and other wildlife in Maclure Reserve, which demonstrates the value people place on greener public spaces,” Cr Nelmes said.

“Green spaces make our city ecologically richer, and a more beautiful and pleasant place to live.

“The City plants more than 300,000 tube stock each year, which makes a big contribution to restoring Newcastle’s diverse natural ecosystems.

“City of Newcastle has invested more than $1.3 million in caring for and restoring Newcastle’s bushland, creeks, wetlands, coast and estuary ecosystems so far this year and has committed $1.5 million in next year’s budget.

“Over the last four years City of Newcastle has invested $6 million in caring for our bushland, watercourse and wetland assets through design and delivery of on-ground habitat restoration works.

“In addition, the City invested $4.2 million in the street and park tree replacement planting program.

“The City cares for a wonderful array of natural ecosystems including 79 kilometres of creeks, 506 hectares of bushland, 65 wetlands, nine coastal rock platforms, 19 hectares of sand dunes along our 10 beaches, and over 90,000 street and park trees.

“These natural assets not only sustain our local biodiversity but also keep our city cool, absorb and store carbon, provide food and shelter for native wildlife, and keep our air and water clean.

“The greening of our urban landscape, by restoring urban forest areas, watercourses or wetlands has a positive impact on Newcastle and improves our community sense of wellbeing. It’s a win-win for the city.”

The urban forest planting events are another example of the City’s commitment to becoming an International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) City with Nature, recognising and enhancing the value of our natural surrounds, as well as our efforts to be a global local government leader in sustainability.

The Greater Bank partnered with City of Newcastle by donating new trees as part of its community tree planting program, which will see 20,000 additional trees established throughout Newcastle.

More community planting events are planned this month. Visit for more information.