Council update - 18 October 2017

18 Oct 2017

Following is a summary of the Extraordinary Public Voice Committee meeting of Wednesday 18 October 2017. Note: This is not a record of resolutions.

Council heard from 12 speakers on both sides of the debate about the rezoning of the rail corridor.

Speakers supporting of the proposal spoke about

  • the revitalisation projects currently underway and the positive impact these are having on the whole city
  • the need for action after many years of decline
  • the impact on businesses will be a short term pain for long term gain
  • seeing the land used rather than vacant
  • the need to create job opportunities and security

Speakers opposing the proposal spoke about

  • the need to retain the corridor as a transport corridor for cycling, light rail and other forms of transport
  • the impact of zoning changes on existing properties
  • the need for a Hunter wide integrated transport plan
  • the differences in the original documents and the documents currently on public exhibition
  • traffic congestion and longer journey times

NOTE: The rezoning planning proposal is on public exhibition until Monday 23 October, all the documents, an interactive map of the proposal and other related information is available on our website.