Council update extraordinary general meeting Tuesday 28 March

28 Mar 2017

Following is a summary of the ordinary council meeting for Tuesday 28 March 2017. Note: it is not a record of resolutions.

Executive monthly performance report

The usual report was received.

Endorsement of six monthly review of 2013-17 delivery program

Council received the six monthly review of council's progress

Motions and attendance at National General Assembly

Council nominated Councillor Therese Doyle to attend the 2017 Local Government Association's National General Assembly of Local Government.

Exhibition of Open and Transparent Governance Strategy

Council voted to refer the strategy to a committee of Councillors and staff to amend the strategy more closely to reflect Council's commitment to open, accountable and transparent governance.

2017 Local Government Election to be conducted by the NSW Electoral Commissioner

Council received a report from the NSW Electoral Commission that it would conduct the proposed local government election in Newcastle on 9 September 2017.

Stockton Beach Holiday Park extension of contract

Council has authorised a short-term contract extension for the management of Stockton Beach Holiday Park to ensure the inaugural Supercars race and peak summer holiday season is not adversely impacted.

Urban water cycle policy

Council voted to adopt a revised Urban Water Cycle Policy.

Shortland Esplanade Newcastle East, Zaara Street to Watt Street - Traffic facility changes

Council voted to mantain two-way trafiic traffic flow on Shortland Esplanade between Zaara Street and Watt Street and install a roundabout at the corner of Zaara and Scott.

Ward 4 Capital works

Council voted to receive a report detailing a timetable for completion of selected capital works within Ward 4.

Council support of arts and cultural organisations in Newcastle

Council voted to adopt a policy to support arts and cultural organisations in the Newcastle LGA by supporting them to develop programming for the city.

Adoption of Guraki Aboriginal Advisory Committee charter

Council resolved to receive the Guraki Aboriginal Advisory Committee's Annual Report for 2015/16.

Youth council annual report

Council voted to receive the Newcastle Youth Council Report for 2015/2016

Exhibition of draft Wickham Master Plan

Council resolved to place the draft Wickham Master Plan on public exhibition for a period of eight weeks.

Exhibition of proposed new draft section 7.11 - development adjoining laneways of Newcastle Development control plan

Council resolved to place draft amendments to the Development Adjoining Laneways section of the Development Control Plan 2012 on public exhibition.

Submission on proposed changes to planning legislation

Council endorsed the draft submission on the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2017 to the Department of Planning.

Supercars Alternate Track Consultation

Council voted to receive the report.