Newcastle 500 fast tracks Foreshore shade, improved access and amenity

03 Mar 2017

The area of Newcastle Foreshore shaded by tree canopy and access for pedestrians, cyclists and people with limited mobility will dramatically improve with a capital works program proposed to facilitate the running of the city's inaugural Supercars event.
The civic works proposed for the event precinct provides an opportunity to bring forward a range of renewal works already scheduled for the East End and will fast track the implementation of the Foreshore Park plan of management, which was adopted by Council after extensive engagement with the community.
Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said, "Council has been looking at the opportunity to improve the overall amenity of the Foreshore and indeed the entire east end by hosting the Supercars Newcastle 500 event, with major renewal works expedited and at significantly less expense to rate payers. Essentially ensuring a win-win for local amenity."
"Once the capital works program for the inaugural Newcastle 500 is completed, Council will ensure shade or tree canopy coverage along the foreshore and Nobbys Road will be significantly increased."
Around 30 shade trees and 150 shrubs that currently cast very little shade will be replaced with 236 new plantings, including 55 new Norfolk Pines along Wharf Road and Nobbys Road.
Around 130 of the new trees will be at advanced stage of growth when planted and will eventually provide a useable shade canopy of around 9,800sqm, up from around 500sqm now.

New mature trees will be planted.


"Council will complete a landscape design that incorporates lighting, new plantings, pathways and seating to make Foreshore Park and Camp Shortland better places for our community," Cr Nelmes said.
The current plantings in the areas affected by the proposed works cast only a small amount of shade due to the species selection, site issues and current planting arrangement. The new plantings will be permanent and won't need to be removed for the race's annual return.
"Other improvements include the city's landmark Bathers Way coastal walk being extended from Nobbys along Pasha Way to the western side of the Pilot Station. This provides an improved connection between the coastal walk and Joy Cummings Promenade, Councillor Nelmes said.
"There'll also be improvements to Joy Cummings Promenade including the start of a cycleway separated from traffic and the current footpath being dedicated for pedestrians. This is in line with the 2015 Foreshore Plan of Management".
"As well as the renewal work being part funded by race partners, better traffic flow to Nobbys and Horseshoe Beach will be another major legacy of the one-off works between April and November this year."


Fast facts 


  • There are 153 Norfolk Island and Cook Island pines in the event precinct. 
  • Around 30 mature trees and 150 shrubs are proposed to be removed. 
  • Almost 236 new plantings including 55 new Norfolk Island pines will be planted. 
  • The useable shade canopy will increase from 500 sqm to 9,800 sqm 


  • No events have been cancelled in the precinct. Some have been relocated to other venues but they are proceeding as planned. 
  • Our staff will work collaboratively with organisers hoping to hold an event in the event precinct in 2017 and we'll review requests on a case-by-case basis.

Car parks   

  • The two adjacent car parks that line the northern edge of Wharf Road will be joined to accommodate pit space. However, the slip lane adjacent to the tug berths will be converted into a wider, shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists only.


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