Newcastle Museum welcomes one millionth visitor

26 Oct 2017

Meet Rowan Brown - Newcastle Museum's one millionth visitor. The venue celebrated this fantastic milestone this week, with Museum Manager Julie Baird handing Rowan a one-of-a-kind t-shirt to mark the occasion.

Rowan was a fitting recipient - the nine-year-old is a museum regular, having visited its last dinosaur exhibition seven times and the one before that a total of 12 times! Needless to say, Rowan is just a bit excited about the DINOSAUR rEVOLUTION exhibition opening at the museum this Saturday 28 October.

Thanks to the 999,999 visitors who came before Rowan (pictured above with his dad, Scott, and Julie) for making the museum such a success, and to the Museum's tireless staff - paid and volunteer - who continue to make it one of our city's top attractions.

Rowan is the one millionth visitor to the Museum since it moved to its current Honeysuckle location in 2011. A major celebration was held at the Museum last year for its 5th birthday in the Honeysuckle precinct.