Ordinary Council Meeting Tuesday 23 August 2022

23 Aug 2022

Following is a summary of resolutions from the Ordinary Council meeting of Tuesday 23 August 2022. NB: it is not a full record of resolutions.

Lord Mayoral Minutes

State Election Priorities
A Lord Mayoral Minute (LMM) was unanimously supported that noted the New South Wales State Election is to take place on Saturday, 25th March 2023, and supported the projects and policies listed within the City of Newcastle Advocacy document as election priorities for the benefit of the Newcastle community.

The LMM also acknowledged that City of Newcastle's (CN) funding priorities have remained consistent, with CN advocating for funding to deliver these projects across multiple election and budget cycles, and their identification in various external stakeholder strategies.

Ordinary business

Tabling of Register of Disclosures of Interest
Council noted the tabling of the Register of Disclosures of Interest for the period 1 May to 31 July 2022 by the Chief Executive Officer, in accordance with the codes of conduct for Councillors and Staff.

Adoption of Council Policies
Council voted to adopt three Council policies: Effective Communication between Councillors and Staff Policy; Art Gallery Acquisitions and De-Accessioning Policy; and Social Media Policy.

Endorsement of motions for submission to the 2022 Local Government NSW Conference
Council voted to endorse 13 motions for submission to the 2022 LGNSW Annual Conference, which will be held from 23 to 25 October.

Adoption of Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012 Section 6.03 Wickham
Council unanimously voted to adopt the Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012 Section 6.03 Wickham.

Variation to Development Standards - 2nd quarter 2022
Council received the report on approved development variations between 1 April 2022 and 30 June 2022 in accordance with the Department of Planning and Environment’s concurrence to vary development standards in the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Authorisation for signing of the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2022
Council voted to authorise the signing of City of Newcastle’s Statements by Councillors and Management as required for the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2022.

Darby Street, Cooks Hill - Adoption of the trial Traffic Calming Infrastructure Concept Plan
Council voted to adopt a six-month trial of traffic calming infrastructure on Darby Street, Cooks Hill from October 2022 until March 2023.

Executive monthly performance report
Council received the executive monthly performance report for July 2022.

Write-off of sundry debt
Council agreed to write-off a balance of sundry debt consistent with City of Newcastle's Debt Management Guidelines and in accordance with the provisions of clause 213 of the Local Government (General) Regulation, 2005.

Notices of Motion

Delivering Regional level playgrounds
Council unanimously supported a notice to motion that noted CN's success and commitment to delivering new and upgraded high level playgrounds throughout the Newcastle LGA. CN’s adopted 2022/23 Budget has allocated $1 million for the commencement of the construction of the District level playground at Gregson Park in Hamilton, in line with the adopted Gregson Park Masterplan 2021.

Using recycled plastic products in City of Newcastle projects
Council unanimously supported a notice of motion that acknowledged ‘Plastic Free July’ and CN’s longstanding commitment to sustainability initiatives. Council will investigate opportunities to incorporate recycled plastic products in CN projects, where appropriate.

Youth Mock Council
Council unanimously supported a notice to motion that congratulated the Newcastle Youth Council on the Youth Mock Council held in July 2022. The motion noted that the Youth Mock Council developed and adopted several motions and requests a report to be provided to councillors by the relevant council officers assessing the viability, cost, and merits of each proposal, if they were to be adopted as policy of the Council.

Council also supported reiterating its commitment to the Youth Council and that Council members of the Youth Council review their delivery, including its processes, forward agenda, and the role of the Youth Council/Youth Mock Council in the delivery of Civics education.

Reinvestigating the Wallsend-Mayfield Arterial Road project
An alternate notice of motion was supported by Council that does not support reinvestigating the Wallsend-Mayfield Arterial Road project which was abandoned by the NSW Government 41 years ago. Council supported requesting a report back to Council on the public and private property that would need to be acquired, and the potentials costs (environmental, social and heritage) of delivering this proposal.

Availability and affordability of flood insurance for residents and businesses in low lying areas
Council supported an amended notice of motion noting that a review of City of Newcastle's flood studies are underway, with the Draft Flood Study for the eastern half of the LGA scheduled to be placed on public exhibition in early 2023. Council will write to the Insurance Council of Australia to request it participate in a public information session in 2023 when the draft flood study is placed on public exhibition.

Community engagement plan for Newcastle 500 contract extension
Council supported an amended notice of motion to delegate authority to the CEO to enter necessary agreements to facilitate the March 2023 Newcastle 500, including a Services Deed. All modifications to the existing Deed and Agreements to enable the March 2023 event are to be communicated to Council and published on CN’s website.

Council also supported CN’s total expenditure for the Newcastle 500 event does not exceed the current budget of $1.6 million, which is consistent with previous events.