Ordinary Council Meeting Tuesday 28 February 2023 

28 Feb 2023

Following is a summary of resolutions from the Ordinary Council Meeting of Tuesday 28 February 2023. NB: it is not a full record of resolutions.

Lord Mayoral Minutes

Sympathies for the people of Türkiye and Syria
A Lord Mayoral Minute was unanimously supported that acknowledged the catastrophic devastation caused by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake which struck Türkiye and Syria on 6 February 2023 that has resulted in the deaths of more than 50,000 people and left more than 1.5 million people homeless.

City of Newcastle will write to the Turkish Ambassador in Australia and the Honorary Consul of Syria in Australia offering the condolences of the City.

In addition, City of Newcastle will also encourage Novocastrians, who would like to make a financial contribution, to donate through the United Nations Crisis Relief fund, with donations going directly to relief organisations delivering life-saving aid to the frontlines of the crisis.

Supporting the Greater Newcastle (Hunter) Offshore Wind Zone
A Lord Mayoral Minute was supported that welcomed the recent announcement by the Albanese Federal Government of its intent to establish Australia's second offshore wind zone off the coast of Newcastle.

The Minute acknowledged City of Newcastle's long history of supporting and implementing renewable projects and noted that an offshore wind industry offers many benefits for Newcastle.

City of Newcastle will provide a detailed, supportive submission, noting that consultation on this proposal is now open until 28 April 2023.

NSW Government to confirm allocation of funding and responsibilities for the draft actions within the Extended Stockton Coastal Management Program (CMP) relating to the on-ground delivery of mass sand nourishment
A Lord Mayoral Minute was supported that commended the NSW Deputy Premier's announcement on 30 January 2023 that NSW Public Works would manage the delivery of the NSW Government's successful $6.2 million grant through the Coastal and Estuarine Risk Mitigation Program, which includes the delivery of initial amenity nourishment for Stockton Beach, studies into possible sources of mass sand from the North Arm of the Hunter River and offshore sources, and the environmental approvals required for mass sand nourishment.

The Minute also commended the announcement by the Leader of the Opposition on 8 February 2023, that NSW Labor will commit the $21 million needed from the State Government for mass sand nourishment at Stockton Beach if it wins the upcoming March election.

City of Newcastle will write to the NSW Premier, Deputy Premier, Minister for Local Government, the Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Local Government, and the State Member for Newcastle, requesting that the allocation of funding and responsibilities within the NSW Government, for the actions in the Extended Stockton CMP relating to the on-ground delivery of mass sand nourishment will be determined and assigned to a NSW Government agency, to offset the impact of the NSW Government owned infrastructure on Stockton Beach, by the end of April 2023.

Ordinary business

Tabling of Register of Disclosures of Interest - 1 November 2022 to 31 January 2023
Council noted the tabling of the Register of Disclosures of Interest for 1 November 2022 to 31 January 2023 by the Chief Executive Officer.

Future Fund Policy
Council voted to adopt the Future Fund Policy to enable CN to invest its cash reserves in additional investment types to diversify CN's revenue base and enhance long-term financial sustainability.

Endorsement of motions to the 2023 National General Assembly of Local Government
Council voted to endorse the motions for submission to the 2023 Australian Local Government Association’s National General Assembly.

December quarterly budget review
Council received the December Quarterly Budget Review Statement and voted to adopt the revised budget.

Variations to development standards (reporting from 1 October to 31 December 2022)
Council received the report on approved development variations between 1 October 2022 and 31 December 2022.

Six monthly performance report on the delivery program
Council received the 2022-2026 Delivery Program for the July to December 2022 period, in accordance with the NSW Local Government Act 1993.

Pearson Street Lambton - Lambton Park to Croudace Street cycling connection
Council voted to approve the cycling connection works in Pearson Street Lambton, between Lambton Park and Croudace Street, including pedestrian pathways, traffic calming devices, and pedestrian crossing infrastructure, and one-way restriction in Grainger Street Lambton from Elder Street to Howe Street.

Adoption of the Compliance and Enforcement Policy
Council voted to adopt the Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

Adoption of Mobile Food Vending (Local Approvals) Policy
Council voted to adopt the Mobile Food Vending (Local Approvals) Policy, which provides a framework for the approval and operation of mobile food vending vehicles in the Newcastle Local Government Area.

Hunter Water amenity improvement works - Litchfield Park Mayfield
Council voted to approve the creation of an easement for Hunter Water to enable improvement works on the Throsby Creek Channel in Litchfield Park, Mayfield.

Acceptance of offer - utility relocation - University Drive Catchment Rehabilitation
Council voted to accept a contract proposal for the relocation of fibre network assets in the reserve behind 28 Queen Street, Waratah West (Boatman Creek).

Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report
Council received the Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report for the 2021/2022 financial year and noted the 2022/2023 Forward Internal Audit Plan.

Endorsement of Planning Agreement for 30 and 31 Vista Parade Kotara
Council voted to endorse the Planning Agreement for 30 and 31 Vista Parade, Kotara (St James Primary School).

Determination of income taxation for Councillors
Council unanimously voted to lay the item on the table.

Executive monthly performance report
Council received the executive monthly performance report for January 2023.

Administration of 2024 Council elections
Council voted to determine the arrangements for the administration of the Local Government ordinary elections scheduled to be held in September 2024.

Tender Report Replacement of Boscawen Street Bridge - Contract 2023/009t
Council voted to accept a tender for the replacement of the Boscawen Street Bridge in Wallsend.

Notices of Motion

Llewellyn Street, Merewether - Loss of right-of-carriageway
Council noted a previous unanimous resolution on 13 December 2022 calling for an investigation by Planning, Transport and Regulation Officers into the effective removal and loss of the right-of-carriageway as a result of development at 37 Llewellyn Street Merewether.

City of Newcastle will expedite the investigation and seek action to remedy and restore the right-of-carriageway, consistent with the current development approval and report back to the next council meeting.

Improving operating hours and resources for Beresfield Police Station
Council defeated a notice of motion asking City of Newcastle to write to the NSW Government and Opposition.

Addressing problem gambling and money laundering in New South Wales
Council supported an amended notice of motion.

Calling for funding for Wallsend Flood Mitigation
Council supported an amended notice of motion calling on Councillor Pull to commit to funding for future mitigation works including the widending of the stormwater channel.

Shark Management Program in Newcastle
Council supported an amended notice of motion noting that shark mitigation is the responsibility of the NSW State Government, not Council, and that City of Newcastle has not undertaken broad community consultation on this matter.

Funding for Minmi Road upgrades
Council supported an amended notice of motion to write to the Member for Wallsend, Minister for Regional Roads, Minister for Metropolitan Road and Leader of the Opposition seeking a commitment for funding for future upgrades and to reclassify the road as regional.

Bar Beach Car Park
Council supported an amended notice of motion that noted City of Newcastle ensures reasonable security measures are undertaken at Bar Beach car park by locking the gates to the car park at Bar Beach at 10pm, and requesting cars to vacate prior to this. CN staff will undertake a review of signage to ensure it clearly communicates the car park closing times and reminds motorists that any hooning behaviour can attract a fine of up to $3,300.

Pep11 and offshore coal, oil and gas exploration and mining
Council supported a notice of motion to write to the Minister for Resources, reiterating City of Newcastle’s strong and decades-long opposition to offshore oil and gas mining off the coast of Newcastle, and to the future extension of the PEP11 gas exploration licence.