Ordinary Council Meeting Tuesday 28 May 2024

28 May 2024

Following is a summary of resolutions from the Ordinary Council meeting of Tuesday 28 May 2024. NB: it is not a full record of resolutions. 

Lord Mayoral Minutes  

Condolence motion - Professor Lyndall Ryan AM

A Lord Mayoral Minute was unanimously supported acknowledging with profound sadness the passing of Emeritus Professor Lyndall Ryan AM on Tuesday, 30 April 2024.

The Minute recognised the significant impact Professor Ryan made throughout her remarkable career, as an activist, scholar and educator.

City of Newcastle sends sincere condolences to Professor Ryan’s family, friends and colleagues.

NSW Government Inquiry - Ability of Local Governments to Fund Infrastructure & Services

A Lord Mayoral Minute was unanimously supported acknowledging that the NSW Government is currently undertaking an inquiry into the ability of local governments to fund infrastructure and services. 

City of Newcastle has made a detailed submission to the NSW Government Inquiry.

City of Newcastle grants and sponsorship program

A Lord Mayoral Minute was unanimously supported noting that City of Newcastle's 2024/25 annual Grants and Sponsorships and Special Business Rate programs will soon open for applications, funding approximately $900,000 across a number of streams.

The Minute asked that in light of the current cost of living crisis, up to $100,000 in additional funding be considered for eligible Social Inclusion grant applications should the program be oversubscribed.

Ordinary business 

Tabling of Register of Disclosures of Interest

Council noted the tabling of the Register of Disclosures of Interest (for the period 1 February to 30 April 2024) by the Chief Executive Officer.

March Quarterly Performance Report

Council received the 2022-2026 Delivery Program - March Quarterly Performance Report and voted to adopt the revised budget. 

Endorsement of draft Broadmeadow Place Strategy for public exhibition

Council voted to place the draft Broadmeadow Place Strategy on public exhibition for 42 days, noting the supporting documents including the Local Infrastructure Discussion Paper and the Interim Aboriginal Engagement Outcomes Report. Council will receive a report on the outcomes of the exhibition.

St James Primary development - transport infrastructure amendments

Council voted unanimously to approve the transport infrastructure amendments in Vista Parade and Princeton Avenue Kotara to support the St James Primary School development. The proposed transport infrastructure amendments are consistent with the Planning Agreement endorsed by the Council in February 2023.

Executive Monthly Performance Report 

Council received the Executive Monthly Performance Report for April 2024.

Tender report - asphaltic concrete and pavement services 

Council voted unanimously to accept tenders for the provision of asphaltic concrete and pavement services required by Civil Construction and Maintenance to deliver pavement maintenance and renewal as required across the Newcastle local government area.

Tender report - Smith Park sports field upgrade 

Council voted unanimously to accept the tender for the construction of the Smith Park sports fields upgrade.

Late item

Winten developments in Newcastle

Council voted unanimously to accept a late item that reiterated the previous concerns of the elected Council over the many inadequacies of Winten’s current and future proposed work in the city between Fletcher and Minmi, that suggest a disregard for the potential significant impacts on the local community.

An urgent traffic investigation will be undertaken by City of Newcastle staff on the operation and capacity of Minmi Road including potential funding mechanisms, to service current and future populations across a range of transport modes.

Notices of Motion 

Public Art Reference Group items 

Council unanimously supported a notice of motion that noted the success of City of Newcastle’s Public Art Reference Group and requested that the draft 2024/25 Budget consider funding a resource to achieve coherence of City of Newcastle's public art policy and subsequent art outcomes.

The motion requested that the Director of the Newcastle Art Gallery, in consultation with the Executive Director of City Infrastructure, implement an appropriate process for the curation, conservation and maintenance of public art owned by City of Newcastle.

The motion further requested that City of Newcastle’s draft 2024/25 budget consider whether additional funding is required to enable the repair of the Michio Ihara ‘Wind’ sculpture on Newcastle Foreshore.