Ordinary Council Meeting Wednesday 26 April 2023

26 Apr 2023

Following is a summary of resolutions from the Ordinary Council meeting of Wednesday 26 April 2023. NB: it is not a full record of resolutions.

Lord Mayoral Minutes

150th anniversary of municipal government in Wallsend

A Lord Mayoral Minute was unanimously supported acknowledging that 2024 marks 150 years since Wallsend became a municipality in 1874 and calling for City of Newcastle to provide support and financial assistance to the community of Wallsend to prepare for celebratory events marking this historic occasion.

Local Government summit

A Lord Mayoral Minute was unanimously supported calling for City of Newcastle to write to NSW Minister for Local Government Ron Hoenig and NSW Minister for Planning Paul Scully requesting they hold a Local Government Summit to allow constructive discussions of the financial and legislative impediments facing the local government sector.

Ordinary business

Inland Pools Strategy 2034

Council noted that City of Newcastle is currently consulting with stakeholders and the community regarding the draft Inland Pools Strategy 2043 - our plan for protecting and improving Newcastle's public pools for the next 20 years.

Council will receive a report for the adoption of the Inland Pools Strategy 2043 following consultation.

Adoption of Local Social Strategy 2030

Council voted to lay the Local Social Strategy 2030 on the table.

Adoption of draft Section 6.04 Renewal Corridors of Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012

Council unanimously voted to adopt Section 6.04 Renewal Corridors of Newcastle Development Control Plan 2012.

Adoption of the revised Privacy Management Plan

Council unanimously voted to adopt CN's revised Privacy Management Plan in line with best practice and following external review by the Information and Privacy Commission (NSW).

Advisory Committees Annual Reports

Council received the Advisory Committee Annual Reports for the 2022 calendar year.

Executive Monthly Performance Report

Council received the Executive Monthly Performance Report for March 2023.

Tender Report - Newcastle Art Gallery expansion

Council unanimously voted to adopt a tender for the Newcastle Art Gallery expansion project construction works. City of Newcastle will write to the NSW Government and Federal Government to request that their previously committed funding be indexed in line with inflation.

Notices of Motion

Buzzing with life: A pollinator-friendly Newcastle

Council unanimously supported a notice of motion to communicate to the community the significance of participating in the local pollinator census during Australian Pollinator Week 11-19 November 2023.

Council also supported incorporating an urban pollination program into City of Newcastle’s Environment Strategy to create vibrant pollinator corridors in the city.