Queens Wharf Tower loses its head

16 Sept 2018

Newcastle has woken to a new day and conspicuously different skyline after contractors lopped the top off Queens Wharf Tower overnight.

Mayfield-based contractor Major Projects Group (MPG) detached the top dome on the first night of removal work, lowering the massive parts to the ground with a giant 300-tonne crane and taking down the top two sections of the steel stairwell encasement.

Lowering the dome.
The obeservation deck, lower section of the steel staircase encasement, lower roof and the walkway will be removed during night works this week, followed by site rectification.

The dome yesterday 
Lord Mayor of Newcastle Nuatali Nelmes welcomed the first stage of the work to restore views of the city. 

"This is a real step forward for our visitor economy, returning an uninterrupted view of the Cathedral and our beautiful heritage architecture," the Lord Mayor said.

"Starting in October, we expect to welcome more than 10,000 visitors to our city during a record 20-ship cruise season, and we can be proud of the view that will greet them as they enter Newcastle Harbour."

Welders on the job in the wee hours.
Novocastrians will have the opportunity to have their say during community consultation about what will permanently replace the tower. 

In the meantime, the City will install temporary site activation with synthetic grass, coloured rubber surfaces, raised tree planters and seating.