Remedial work at Stockton Beach following recent weather events

25 Mar 2022

After two significant weather events impacted Stockton Beach in recent weeks, City of Newcastle is implementing a program of remedial work to address safety issues that forced the closure of several beach accessways and to manage debris that washed onto Stockton Beach. 

The accessway alongside beachside café, Lexie's, will be repaired as a priority. The work on the Lexie's Café accessway will require a temporary closure of the carpark and the informal outdoor dining area at Lexie's on Tuesday 29 March. 

The recent large seas exposed historical building waste along the Dalby Oval section of the coast, which will also be managed as part of this program of work. The accessway at Dalby Oval will be repaired so it can be reopened to the public after work at this location is complete. This work will also allow work crews access onto the beach to manage the debris on the beach adjacent to the Stockton Beach Holiday Park. 

Scheduled beach scraping in front of the Stockton Beach Holiday Park was unable to take place in early March due to the impact of the two east coast low weather events. Beach scraping is scheduled again for late April as suitable tide windows allow. 

Temporary fencing and a work compound, for the contractor undertaking this work will be established at Dalby Oval by late March, weather permitting. It is expected that this remedial work program will require two weeks to complete. 

City of Newcastle reminds the community to follow safety warnings and to adhere to any accessway closures or hazard notices that impact use of the beach while this work is completed.