'Rock this City' exhibition showcases local history of pub rock

19 Nov 2017

Newcastle in the 1970s and '80s was a powerhouse of rock music with dozens of bands performing every night of the week in the city's pubs and clubs.
Newcastle Museum looks back on that iconic era in our music history with the 'Rock this City' exhibition, which showcases these decades of the Newcastle Pub Rock scene. The exhibition is on until 4 February 2018.

Pub Rock is a term used to describe bands performing popular mainstream music in Newcastle's pubs, clubs, nightclubs and taverns, following trends occurring in other major Australian cities. While Countdown was being introduced to young Australian television audiences, live music was already flourishing in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions as large numbers of baby boomer youths reached the legal drinking age of 18.
The music scene in Newcastle began to thrive and the city was on the touring schedule of many successful bands. The Rock This City exhibition chronicles the history of the scene, the venues and the legendary bands such as DV8, Yes Commissioner and The Heroes. Newcastle went on to produce popular bands like the Screaming Jets and Silverchair.
On 19 September 1979, the closure of the popular inner-city pub, the Star Hotel, resulted in a riot, which made headlines around the world. The Star Hotel Riot emphasises the importance of the deep connection that existed between young people in Newcastle and the venues where they went to hear live music during the Pub Rock era of 1974-1987.
'Rock this City' features important historical objects from the era, video footage, rock outfits and gig posters. Visitors to the exhibition will see, learn and hear about this musical era which was significant in our local music history.
Given Newcastle's historical and ongoing live music scene, this exhibition is a perfect fit for Newcastle Museum. Rock this City is curated in partnership with local Newcastle academic Gaye Sheather, whose popular book on the subject was published in 2016.
When: On until 4 February 2018
Where: Newcastle Museum
Cost: Free
Friday December 1 from 5-9pm
NM - PM Rock & Riot

NM - PM is back for a night of live music, food and games. Come and explore the Museum after hours! It's a celebration of Newcastle's 'Pub Rock' history. There will be live music with the Newcastle pub rock all-stars 'Rock this City' and 'Dave' bands, games, as well as local drag acts and pub food and drinks.
So rock up and immerse yourself in a night of after-hours rock and roll fun at Newcastle Museum! 

When: 5 - 9pm, Friday 1 December
Where: Newcastle Museum
Cost: Free