Statement on cleanliness of Newcastle Ocean Baths

02 Jan 2020

The Summer cleaning schedule at Newcastle Ocean Baths has remained unchanged for the past decade. Further, cleaning hours for staff at the baths have not been reduced.

Several days prior to Christmas, a purpose built component of the system used to control the flow of water in and out of the baths failed. As a result, the cleaning team is opening and flushing the water levels daily (timing is dependent on the tide), and the pumps are on whenever the tide is high enough to perform water filtration.

While a replacement part was ordered the same day as the breakdown, the Christmas holiday period has delayed its arrival. It’s expected the new part will be installed by 10 January.

Cleaning crews will be on site tomorrow morning from 4am to ensure that the baths are in the best condition possible for the forecasted high temperatures on the weekend.

As experienced every summer heavy crowds will have an impact on water conditions with daily flushing continuing until further cleaning later next week.