Storms force Stockton closures

04 Jun 2019

City of Newcastle has closed accessways along Stockton Beach and will monitor other seaside walkways and roads over the next 24 hours amid today’s storm warnings.

Heavy seas with significant wave heights in excess of seven metres from a southerly direction are expected to hit the coast by 1pm. Heavy wind gusts strong enough to uproot trees in urban areas are also predicted.

In preparation, the City has closed Stockton Beach accessways along the Mitchell Street seawall and the northern access at Stone Street.

Staff will continue to monitor rising water levels throughout the day.

Updates will be provided on the above, and other possible closures as they arise. Locations and facilities currently being monitored include:

  • Shortland Esplanade and promenades along City beaches, including the Newcastle and Merewether Ocean Baths
  • Low-lying roads

Please limit your travel and stay safe when moving in and around the City in the predicted weather event.

To stay uptodate on the most current weather warnings, please follow the Bureau of Meteorology, and for emergencies, the State Emergency Service 13 2500.