Trees to flourish in Cooks Hill

08 Jun 2018

Street tree and native planting is underway in Bruce and Laman Streets Cooks Hill, as Council continues a planting program that has seen 900 new trees in the past year across Newcastle.

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes was in Cooks Hill this morning to take part in the planting, and said she wants to assure the community that Council is listening to their concerns about tree replacement and greening of local streets.

"Council is committed to urban canopy replacement," said the Lord Mayor. "During community engagement sessions with Cooks Hill residents this was identified as a priority following large fig tree losses through storms and infrastructure damage."

"In the last 15 years, inner city neighbourhoods have keenly felt the impacts of failures and necessary removals of mature Hills figs due to severe weather events and risk management. Planting these new trees provides additional native plant greening to address major shade and climate control issues."

"We are planting 37 street trees this month in Bruce and Laman Streets as well as associated native planting beds requested by the community," added the Lord Mayor.

Species being planted in Bruce Street include 10 watergums, which will grow to a height of around 8m, as well as two brushbox and three blackgums, which will grow to approximately 12m.

In Laman Street, 23 deciduous red maples will be planted as well as two jacarandas, expected to grow to a height of 15m.


Top - Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes plants a deciduous October Glory red maple tree in Laman Street Cooks Hill with Council's City Greening Planting Officer Michael Linsley.

Left - October Glory red maples in autumn colour.