We Love Newcastle

29 Nov 2017

To celebrate the success of the second Newcastle 500, businesses and members of the public are encouraged to use the below image to promote Newcastle and the Hunter.

Showing the city in all its glory, together with our popular promotional campaign's play on the famous merchandise tag, the shot was taken from a helicopter during the 2018 Newcastle 500.

Just click on the image to download it:

Late last year we launched a 'Newy' pride campaign to capitalise on the city's optimism following the success of our inaugural Newcastle 500 event and the start of the summer event season.

You might have noticed on billboards and on the back of our Summer 2017 edition of Council News our uniquely 'Newy' spin on the classic London/Paris/Rome/Madrid/New York motif seen on hats and shirts across the globe.

It's designed to promote the fact that Newcastle is a city with a sense of fun, but that there is also a great sense of pride among the people who live here. The comparison to landmark international cities is less far-fetched than it was just a few years ago.

More than $1billion worth of development is either planned or under way in the CBD, the light rail system is set to transform public transport in the city centre and the soon-to-be-built cruise ship terminal will usher in growing waves of international tourists eager to see all we have to offer.

That's not to mention our Smart City Strategy, which will carry us into a new era of connected technology and digital interaction. In this regard we are absolutely at the front of the pack of Australian cities and towns.

All of this is a catalyst for people to think about the bigger picture for Newcastle. To dream big and make it a better place for everyone.