Weather warning for Newcastle and Hunter coast

28 May 2021

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has predicted high ocean swell for the Newcastle’s coastline between Friday 28 May and Monday 31 May. Of concern is the three high tides over this swell event at 2.1 metres on Friday, 2 metres on Saturday and 1.9 metres on Sunday. BOM does not expect this to be a high rainfall event.

As a result, Stockton Beach will be closed from Friday 28 May and Newcastle’s beaches south of the harbour will be monitored and closures will be put in place if necessary.

City of Newcastle is monitoring its facilities and assets along the Newcastle coastline including areas in Stockton which may be impacted by coastal erosion. Following the weekend’s swell event and when safe, the City will inspect all beaches and undertake any repairs required prior to opening the beaches again.

The community is encouraged to stay safe around Newcastle’s coastline, follow the direction of signage and abide by beach and road closures.

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