Guraki Aboriginal Advisory Committee

The Guraki Aboriginal Advisory Committee provides strategic advice and guidance with relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, gives life to Council’s commitment to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of the City of Newcastle and engages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Local Government.

The Committee meets quarterly and includes the members listed below.

Objectives and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:

  • To give life to Council’s 1998 Commitment to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of the City of Newcastle
  • To provide strategic advice and guidance with relation to Aboriginal matters of cultural and heritage significance
  • To engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Local Government
  • To raise the broad community awareness of Aboriginal culture and themes
  • To provide a united voice for Aboriginal peoples of the City of Newcastle.          

Committee Charter

   Guraki Aboriginal Advisory Committee Charter (pdf)

Meeting Schedule 2020

NOTICE - COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 - The safety of our communities, customers and employees is our top priority.  As such, on 28 April, Council adopted an amended meeting schedule for the period May to September 2020 which includes Advisory Committees being able to meet (quarterly as scheduled and if determined necessary by the Chair and Facilitator).  The location of all meetings will be determined by the Chief Executive Officer in consultation with the Lord Mayor, having regard to all relevant public health orders, and will be either via audio-visual platform or at an appropriate CN facility in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993. We appreciate your ongoing support at this time.

As per the Guraki Committee Charter - 12.1  the Committee will meet at least four times per year or as otherwise resolved by the Committee.

  • Monday 2 March 2020
  • Monday 1 June 2020
  • Monday 3 August 2020
  • Monday 16 November 2020


Stakeholder representatives

  1. Rob Russell - Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council - Chair
  2. Luke Russell  - Wylaa Buuranliyn- Deputy Chair
  3. Raylene Gordon - Awabakal Ltd
  4. Cheryl Kitchener - Aboriginal Affairs NSW
  5. Daryn McKenny - Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre
  6. Andrew Smith - Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council
  7. Abie Wright - Yarnteen Ltd

Community representatives

  1. Maree Edwards
  2. Cherie Johnson
  3. Angela Pearce


  1. Councillor White
  2. Councillor Winney-Baartz
  3. Councillor Rufo


Lillian Eastwood, Resource Coordinator - Guraki Committee 

Meeting Agendas

 Agenda 19 March 2018 (pdf)
 Agenda 21 May 2018 (pdf)
 Agenda 30 July 2018 (pdf)  
 Agenda 15 October 2018 (pdf)
 Agenda 10 December 2018 (pdf)
  Agenda 18 March 2019 (pdf)
 Agenda 17 June 2019 (pdf)
  Agenda 16 September 2019 (pdf)

Meeting Minute

   Outcomes - Planning Workshop- 19 March 2018 (pdf)
  Minutes 21 May 2018 (pdf)
   Minutes 30 July 2018 (pdf)
  Minutes 7 August 2018 (pdf)
  Minutes 15 October 2018 (pdf)
  Minutes 10 December 2018 (pdf)
  Minutes 18 March 2019 (pdf)
 Minutes 17 June 2019 (pdf)

If you would like to become a community member on the Guraki Aboriginal Advisory Committee please complete the  Application Form (pdf).  You can submit your application by email to alternatively, you can send your application to:

Guraki Committee Facilitator
Corporate and Community Planning
The City of Newcastle
PO Box 489
Newcastle NSW 2300. 

Any person wishing to submit information to the committee may contact the Facilitator by email