We're planting trees in your street

Greening Newcastle's streets has never been more important as we face the significant challenges of urban heat island effect, population growth and climate change. Each year we plant around 2000 street and park trees through our Living Streets program. We prioritise vulnerable communities in the hottest areas as well as recently completed stormwater, road, and footpath repairs, and construction sites. Tree planting is also part of our large infrastructure projects.

As part of the program, properties identified as suitable sites for new street trees will be able to select from two suitable species. To produce a shortlist for each location we inspect the site and consider many factors including soil type, utilities, verge width, surrounding infrastructure, sight lines, and risk mitigation.

If you have recently received a letter, please click on the relevant tile below to find out which species are available for selection for the verge in front of your property and complete the corresponding webform.

Streets we are currently focusing on:

Can't find your street above?

Please check the letter you received to find the selection end date, as the selection period may have closed.

Please contact us on 4974 2000 if you need further assistance.

Newcastle Tree Map

Our Tree Map shows all the street and park trees that are currently part of Newcastle’s urban forest. It also shows potential future sites identified for planting.

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Search your address to see approximate location of the tree proposed for the verge outside your property.

Green dots for established trees that are older than 6 years, yellow dots for new street trees up to 6 years old, and blue dots for vacancies where new street trees could be planted.

Street Gardens

To install a street garden underneath your new tree and make your neighbourhood more liveable, please visit our Street Gardens webpage. Simply check you're in an eligible area and register using the digital form.