Clean Wood Wastes

Be good with wood and save at Summerhill

City of Newcastle is committed to providing waste minimisation and recycling solutions to the community and ensuring the long term sustainability of our waste management operations.

fee structure is in place at Summerhill to encourage customers to separate their wastes, helping us to recover a wide range of items for reuse or recycling into new products. Some types of clean wood wastes are able to be recovered or recycled, with a discounted disposal rate offered (currently more than $100 per tonne less than mixed General Solid Waste). Newcastle residents can drop off clean wood at no charge under our Sort and Save service (conditions apply).

Clean wood refers to dry, solid timber that has not been painted, stained or treated. Examples include raw wood packaging cases, unpainted fence palings and untreated pallets, crates and timber offcuts.

Garden waste, such as logs and branches, is not included under "clean wood" and is priced and processed under a separate waste category.

You can minimise your waste disposal costs by separating clean wood from other wastes before you arrive at Summerhill. The more you sort, the more you can save and help our environment.

Wood wastes not classed as 'clean wood'

The following wood types and contaminants will preclude a waste load from being classed as 'clean wood waste' and will generally fall into the General Solid Waste pricing category:

  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Laminex
  • Particle board
  • Any other type of manufactured/engineered wood
  • Wood with Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) treatment
  • Termiticide treated wood (e.g. blue H2 wood, red H3 wood)
  • Wood with any other identifiable chemical treatment
  • Painted or stained timber, decking or fencing
  • Garden waste (such as tree branches or logs).
  • Plastic film
  • Plastic and metal strapping, locks, hinges, bolts and corner brackets.