Sort & Save

As part of our new Sort & Save service at Summerhill Waste Management Centre, you can drop off a wide range of items for recycling, free of charge*, if you sort them before arrival.

Through Sort & Save, you can:

Save money – the more we can recover, the less you’ll pay.
Save time – quickly unload different materials at the designated collection points.
Save our environment – keep waste out of landfill.

You can use the free service as often as you like during Summerhill's standard opening hours. No booking is required.

What can I drop off?

The following items can be dropped off free of charge* through the Sort & Save service:

  • Paper and cardboard (flattened)
  • Scrap metal
  • Clean, untreated wood. Please see Clean Wood Wastes to find out what is acceptable.
  • Soft plastic (e.g. clean plastic bags and packaging)
  • E-waste (max. of 10 items per visit), including TVs, computers and kitchen appliances. Please see E-Waste for a list of accepted items.
  • Recyclable food and beverage containers.

*Terms and Conditions: The Sort and Save service is free of charge for Newcastle residents only. Proof of residency must be provided and items must be sorted prior to arrival. Normal fees apply for mixed waste loads, waste items not listed above, and for non-residents and commercial customers. All customers must wear fully enclosed footwear (no sandals or thongs).

How do I sort my waste?

Sorting means separating items into like groups in your car, ute or trailer, rather than having them mixed together (for example, putting scrap metal in a separate pile to cardboard).

Taking a little extra time to pack your waste items before you leave home can make a big difference to how much you’ll pay during your visit. It helps our team members to quickly identify what materials can be recovered from your waste load free of charge, meaning they can charge you the lowest applicable disposal fees for any remaining items.

What if I don’t want to sort my waste?

Customers with mixed waste loads are welcome at Summerhill Waste Management Centre. Those customers will still unpack their waste undercover at our Resource Recovery Centre, however they will be charged regular disposal fees. Our staff and equipment will then extract any reusable or recyclable items from the mixed waste and divert them from landfill.

Please remember to wear fully enclosed shoes

It is a strict safety requirement on site that closed-in shoes be worn at all disposal areas. If you wear inappropriate footwear, such as thongs or sandals, you will not be permitted to exit your vehicle to unload your waste.