Contaminated Land Request for Information

Like other cities with strong industrial backgrounds, there are some parts of Newcastle that are impacted with contaminated land which stem from historical industries including brickworks, collieries, foundries, smelters, steelworks and incinerators.

As new information regarding potentially contaminating former land uses and other contaminated land information is being confirmed by Council's on an ongoing basis, Council encourages local residents to learn more about Newcastle’s proud past and what is being done to make our city an even better place to live - Find out more


We will process requests as soon as possible, however, we aim to process requests within 20 working days (note: there are no timeframes set by law for requests of this nature).

Other options to access information

Before contacting us please consider contacting the land owner directly if appropriate. You may be able to access information more quickly and owners may hold more contaminated land information than Council.

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Please ensure you have your s10.7(2) or (5) Planning Certificate.  You can only request either a Site Audit Statement or an Environmental Management Plan with this form.

For all other documentation please complete a formal  GIPA request

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