Driveway Line Marking Application

Due to the high demand for parking in some streets, drivers may attempt to park in tight spots next to driveways. This can cause inconvenience to residents by limiting access to or from their property.

An effective method to avoid this behaviour is by installing driveway line markings. These are installed 0.5metres either side of the driveway to indicate to motorists to park behind the driveway line. See the below FAQs to learn more. 

To apply for driveway line markings to be installed, complete the below online form. 

Fees and charges apply. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Fees and charges
What can I do if I am parked in?
Are driveway line markings legally enforceable?
My driveway line markings have faded. Can they be repainted?

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Purpose: We will use the information to assess the Driveway Line Marking application. 

Intended recipients: Authorised officers contributing to the assessment of Driveway Line Marking application, including and not limited to City of Newcastle officers and other government agencies.

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Consequence of non-provision: It is the individual's discretion whether to lodge a Driveway Line Marking application.

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