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Whilst we strive to do our best for the community, we understand that there will be times when we may not meet your expectations.

We define a Customer Complaint as a formal expression of dissatisfaction made to or about City of Newcastle (CN), our services, our staff, or the handling of a Complaint (e.g. request for internal review), where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected or required. It can be expressed in relation to:

  • failure to achieve specified standards of service;
  • delay in responding;
  • standard or level of service provided by CN or a CN employee;
  • processes and procedures; and/or
  • withdrawal or reduction of service.

Please note:

  • A complaint is not a routine service request (e.g. missed bin collection or request for repair of a pothole), and using this complaint form may delay us processing your request. Please complete a Customer Service Request.
  • If you are reporting personal injury or damages with the intention to make a claim against City of Newcastle, you must complete a Claim for Compensation.

For further information on complaints, please refer to CN's Customer Complaints Handling Policy (PDF).

Please complete this form if you wish to make a formal complaint.

CN is unable to validate a complaint or seek further information to investigate a complaint when the source is unknown. Anonymous complaints, therefore, will be treated as feedback only.

If you do not have an email address, please phone us on (02) 4974 2000 or provide the information in writing to:

City of Newcastle
PO Box 489
Newcastle NSW 2300

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