Local Heritage Item Nomination Form

When should this form be used?

Use this form to nominate a local significant item or place on the Heritage Schedule in the Newcastle Local Environmental Plan (NLEP).

The Heritage Schedule in the NLEP is a statutory list that provides legal recognition and protection for the conservation and management of local significant heritage places.

A heritage item can be a building, place, relic, tree or archaeological site and can include private houses, public buildings, churches and schools, public gardens, trees, shops, bridges, natural areas and memorials.

A heritage place can be a heritage conservation area. A heritage conservation area is an area of land recognised and valued for the collective nature of buildings and elements in that area that contribute to an overall heritage significance that is worth protecting. It can include a group of buildings, landscape or whole suburbs with particular heritage values that give it a distinct identity. The heritage values can include historical origins, subdivision patterns, and consistency of building materials or the common age of its building stock.

This form should NOT be used to nominate a State significant item or place on the State Heritage Register. Visit the Heritage NSW website or contact Heritage NSW on 9873 8500 or at heritagemailbox@environment.nsw.gov.au to find out how to nominate a State heritage item.

What information is needed?

Anyone can nominate a local significant item or place for potential listing on the Heritage Schedule of the NLEP.

Before completing this form, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the property or place of local heritage significance to the people of Newcastle?
  • Have you research which meets at least one of seven NSW Heritage Assessment Criteria set by the Heritage Council of NSW?

You should only nominate an item or place you believe to be important to the people of Newcastle. This is because only items or places that meet the criteria of local heritage significance are eligible for listing on the NLEP Heritage Schedule.

When completing the form, please make sure all the mandatory questions have been answered, as indicated with an asterisk (*). Incomplete forms or forms with insufficient information may not be accepted. Lodging a nomination form does not signify that a nomination is accepted and will be included in one of CN’s Heritage Reviews for a detailed assessment.

Additionally, you should check the State Heritage Inventory database or contact us to confirm whether the item or place may have already been heritage listed or a previous nomination has already been received by CN for its listing on the NLEP Heritage Schedule.

Further assistance needed?

To assist with historical research visit our Heritage Research and Publications page for some of our favourite local, NSW and Australian resources to visit, many of which are online.

If you need to know more about heritage items and heritage conservation areas visit our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page.

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